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Oral History Project

Oral History Project

The ICWA's Oral History Project, under which former senior Indian diplomats are requested to narrate their experiences while in service, is piloted by Ambassador Kishan S. Rana and Ambassador Ishrat Aziz, with the support of the Ministry of External Affairs. The goal of the Project is to preserve material that could contribute to a better understanding and perspective of India's foreign policy and its implementation for future historians and research scholars of Indian Diplomacy, as well as serving officers of Government of India. The ICWA Oral History project is intended to cover all significant events, subjects and topics during the entire career of the participating diplomat.

The Oral Histories will be printed in a booklet form, but will not be put into general distribution at present. Copies will be kept only in ICWA library, MEA Library and FSI library. They are not to be cited but will be available for consultation and reference to bonafide scholars and serving officials of MEA.

ICWA Research Intern Shri Abu Afzal Tauheed will manage the arrangements and scheduling of interviews for the Project. He may be contacted on tele. No: 2331 7246/47/48/49 Ext.548; or through email:

Oral History Record of Ambassador A. N. Ram interview conducted by Ambassador Gajanan Wakankar, 2015
Oral History Record of Ambassador A. P. Venkateswaran interview conducted by Ambassador Kisan S. Rana, 2013
Oral History Record of Ambassador Prem K. Budhwar interview conducted by Ambassador Skand R. Tayal, 2013
Oral History Record of Ambassador Eric Gonsalves interview conducted by Ambassador Kishan S. Rana in October 2010