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Africa, the world's second largest continent both in terms of land area and population, after Asia, is home to a billion people that accounts for about 14.8 per cent of the world's human population. It comprises 55 countries, most of which have borders that were drawn during the era of West European colonialism, which span from 18th century to the end of 20th century. These countries are grouped under five sub regions-Norths Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, West Africa and Southern Africa. They are sometimes broadly categorized in the lines of language such as Anglophone, Francophone, Lusophone and Arab Africa.

It's a continent of immense diversity in terms of language, ethnicity, culture, population, geographical size, resource endowment, polity and socio-economic development. But many striking similarities and commonalities based on their shared colonial history, legacies, ideologies, resilience, interactions, and collective aspirations binds them into an essence of African unity. Though the region has yet to overcome the problems common to the post- colonial societies, today it is socio-politically and economically a resurgent Africa. The African region comprises of the following 55 countries which are grouped under five sub regions-East Africa, Central Africa, North Africa, southern Africa, West Africa .

    List of African countries is:
1. Algeria 2. Angola 3. Benin 4. Botswana 5. Burkina Faso
6. Burundi 7. Cameroon 8. Congo-Brazzaville 9. Cape Verde 10.
Central African Republic
11. Congo-Kinshasa 12. Chad 13. Comoros 14. Côte d'Ivoire 15.
16. Djibouti 17. Egypt 18. Equatorial Guinea 19. Eritrea 20. Ethiopia
21. Gabon 22. Gambia 23. Ghana 24. Guinea 25. Guinea-Bissau
26. Kenya 27. Lesotho 28.
29. Libya 30. Madagascar
31. Mali 32. Mauritania 33. Mauritius 34. Morocco 35. Mozambique
36. Namibia 37. Niger 38. Nigeria 39. Rwanda 40. Senegal
São Tomé and Príncipe
42. Seychelles 43. Sierra Leone 44. Somalia 45. South Africa
46. South Sudan 47. Sudan 48. Swaziland 49. Tanzania 50. Togo
51. Tunisia 52. Uganda 53. Western Sahara 54. Zambia 55 Zimbabwe

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