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Africa in ICWA

Programme and Activities

ICWA Africa Programme aims to promote India's relations with African countries through study, research, discussions, lectures, exchange of ideas and information with other organisations, located in both India and Africa, engaged in similar activities, and to disseminate information and knowledge regarding African Affairs. To this end, following programmes are currently being undertaken:
1 Conferences
ICWA is entrusted with organising nine India-Africa Academic Conferences, four in Africa and five in India, during 2011-14, as part of the conference series that has been initiated under the aegis of the India-Africa Forum Summit process.
2 Lectures
ICWA hosts two special annual lectures on Africa. One is Africa Day Lecture (around May 25) and other is the Alfred Nzo Memorial Lecture.
3 Round Table Discussions
ICWA organises round table discussions and interaction with African dignitaries and scholars on African Affairs.
4 Collaboration with African Institutions
To strengthen India-Africa academic linkage and enhance understanding of India-Africa relations, ICWA is establishing collaboration with African think-tanks and universities. The thrust of this collaboration comprises promotion and support of joint research projects and publications, exchange of scholars and publications, and co-sponsoring bilateral seminars and symposium on issues of mutual interest.
5 Programme for African Scholars
ICWA may host visiting research scholars from Africa on short term basis during 2011-14, as part of the academic linkage building exercise that has been initiated under the aegis of the India-Africa Forum Summit process.
6 Research Projects
Two research projects on India-Africa linkages titled “India’s Current Engagement with East Africa: Opportunities & Concerns” and “Extractive Resource Dynamics in Africa: Prospects for India” are being undertaken.