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The Objects of the Council

The Indian Council of World Affairs Act, 2001 lays down the objectives of the ICWA. Section 13 of the Act lists the objectives as:

  • (a)   To promote the study of Indian and international affairs so as to develop a body of informed opinion on international matters.
  • (b)   To promote India's relations with other countries through study, research, discussions, lectures, exchange of ideas and information with other organisations within and outside India engaged in similar activities.
  • (c)   To serve as a clearing house of information and knowledge regarding world affairs.
  • (d)  To publish books, periodicals, journals, reviews, papers, pamphlets and other literature on subjects covered under
    clauses (a) & (b).
  • (e)   To establish contacts with organisations promoting objects mentioned in this section.
  • (f)    To arrange conferences and seminars to discuss and study the Indian policy towards international affairs.
  • (g)   To undertake such other activities for the promotion of ideas and attainment of the above mentioned objects.