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Policy Briefs

Disclaimer:   The views and opinions expressed in all publications of the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) are of the members of the Research Faculty and do not reflect the opinions of the Council or any of its office bearers.

An Overview of Elections in Latin America and the Caribbean 
--Dr. Stuti Banerjee     |    24 January 2019

BRICS: A Decade of Socio-Economic Cooperation 
--Dr. Arundhati Sharma     |    18 June 2018

India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) Trilateral Forum: An Appraisal of Summits 
  -- Dr. Arundhati Sharma     |    28 December 2017

Mexico's Reform Agenda and Opportunities for India 
  -- Dr Stuti Banerjee     |    8 September 2017

G20 SUMMIT & COUNTER-TERRORISM: Expanding its Remit or Temporary Inflection?  
  -- Dr Ambreen Agha     |    22 August 2017

India-Turkey Relations in a ‘Multidimensional Foreign Policy’ 
  -- Dr Omair Anas     |    5 April 2017

Drawing Lessons from Foreign Aid Policy of China
     चीन की विदेश सहायता निति से सबक
  -- Dr Sanjeev Kumar     |    15 July 2015

India-Central and Eastern Europe Relations: Search for New Paradigm 
  -- Dr. Dinoj K Upadhyay and Patryk Kugiel     |    15 July 2015

BBIN MVA: Embracing Sub-regionalism in South Asia 
  -- Dr Amit Kumar     |    9 July 2015

India-Central Asia: Finding New Synergies for Greater Engagement 
  -- Dr Athar Zafar     |    9 July 2015

IBSA vs. BRICS: India's Options 
  -- Dr Nivedita Ray     |    9 July 2015

India-Japan Economic and Trade Partnership: Suggestions to make it Balanced and Mutually Beneficial 
  -- Dr Shamshad A. Khan     |    9 July 2015

India and Pakistan - Finding Avenues of Investment for Economic Cooperation 
  -- Dr Dhrubajyoti Bhattacharjee     |    9 July 2015

India Sri Lanka and Maldives Trilateral Maritime Security Cooperation: Political and Economic Constraints in Implementation 
  -- Dr M. Samatha    |    8 July 2015

BBIN: A New Tool in India's Sub-Regional Diplomacy 
  -- Dr Rahul Mishra    |    8 July 2015

New Regime in Afghanistan and India's Policy Options 
  -- Dr Smita Tiwari    |    7 July 2015

Engaging Philippines under the Act East Policy 
  -- Dr Pankaj Jha    |    6 July 2015

India-Bangladesh Border: The Post LBA Tensions 
  -- Dr Amit Ranjan    |    3 July 2015

In search of India's Cyber Security Doctrine 
  -- Dr Omair Anas    |    5 June 2015

India and the United States: Strengthening the Partnership 
  -- Dr Stuti Banerjee    |    9 March 2015

India-Kyrgyzstan: Enhancing Cooperation for Mutual Progress
     भारत-कीर्गिस्तानः पारस्परिक प्रगति हेतु बढ़ता सहयोग
  -- Dr. Athar Zafar    |    9 January 2015

Security Challenges in Africa: India's Foreign Policy Response
     अफ्रीका में सुरक्षा चुनौतियांः भारत की विदेश नीति प्रतिक्रिया
  -- Dr. Sandipani Dash     |    26 December 2014

India's South Asia Policy: Time to Reinvigorate
  -- Dr. Amit Ranjan     |    24 December 2014

India-Saudi Arabia Policy Engagements: Some Suggestions
     भारत-सऊदी अरब नीतिगत संबंधः कुछ सुझाव
  -- Dr. Zakir Hussain     |    17 December 2014

India's New Look West Asia Policy
     भारत की नई पश्चिमोन्मुख नीति
-- Dr. Fazzur Rahman Siddiqui     |    10 December 2014

India-Japan Relations: Suggestions to further deepen bilateral strategic and global partnership
    भारत-जापान संबंधः दिपक्षीय कार्यनीतिक और वैश्विक भागीदारी को और गहराबनाने हेतु सुझाव
-- Dr. Shamshad A. Khan    |    5 December 2014

The Elusive India-Japan Nuclear Deal: It is time to bridge the differences to clinch the deal
    दुर्ग्राह्य भारत-जापान परमाणु सौदाः सौदा प्राप्ति हेतु मतभेद दूर करने की घड़ी
-- Dr. Shamshad A. Khan    |    5 December 2014

Indo Nepal Hydropower Cooperation: The Way Forward
    भारत-नेपाल जल विद्युत सहयोगः आगे का रास्ता
-- Dr. Amit Kumar    |    5 November 2014

India's Strategic Partnership with Russia: Continuity or a Shift?
    रूस के साथ भारत की कार्यनीतिक भागीदारीः निरंतरता या बदलाव?
-- Dr. Indrani Talukdar    |    28 October 2014

India-South Africa Multilateral Engagement: Contextualizing IBSA and BRICS
     भारत-दक्षिण अफ्रीका बहुपक्षीय संपर्कः इब्सा और ब्रिक्स के संदर्भ में
-- Dr. Nivedita Ray    |    27 October 2014

India-Maldives Development Cooperation: Opportunities and Challenges
    भारत मालदीव विकास सहयोगः अवसर और चुनौतियां
-- Dr. M Samatha    |    27 October 2014

India and the United States: Ascending the Plateau
     भारत और अमेरिकाः स्थिरता की ओर अग्रसर
-- Dr. Stuti Banerjee    |    15 October 2014

India's Africa Policy: Continuity, Change and Challenges
-- Dr. Nivedita Ray and Dr. Sandipani Dash    |    2 July 2014

India and the Arctic: Beyond Kiruna
-- Dr. Vijay Sakhuja    |    20 January 2014

The Arctic Council: Is There a Case for India?
-- Dr. Vijay Sakhuja    |    12 January 2010

India-Russia Strategic Partnership: Hallmark of Enduring Credibility
-- Dr. Vijay Sakhuja    |    04 December 2009

India should give a closer look to the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
 -- Dr. Nivedita Das Kundu    |    15 May 2009